WTK-1-WO Terminal & Wire Kit - No Holder

WTK-1-WO Terminal & Wire Kit - No Holder

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WTK-1-WO Terminal & Wire Kit - No Holder More Details

15224 The WTK-1-WO Kit includes everything needed to train and practice your wire to terminal soldering skills. This kit contains three different gauges of wire and five styles of terminals representative of what is available in the marketplace. This kit does not include a Terminal Holder.

Each kit comes individually packaged with all components bagged and tagged for easy identification.

Perfect for classroom settings.


WTK-1-WO Terminal and Wire Kit
Part Description Qty Per Kit Order #
Turret Terminal 5 11228
Bifurcated Terminal 5 11224
Hook Terminal 5 11227
Pierced Terminal 5 11226
Cup Terminal 5 11225
22 Gauge Wire 3' 16163
20 Gauge Wire 3' 16164
26 Gauge Wire 3' 16162
Kit Order Number: WTK-1-WO  

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