PC003 LEAD FREE SMT Practice KIt - PCB & Parts

PC003 LEAD FREE SMT Practice KIt - PCB & Parts

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PC003 LEAD FREE SMT Practice KIt - PCB & Parts More Details

12086 The PC003 lead-free hand solder practice kit is a low cost, effective kit for training and testing employees. The PCB003 double-sided PC board has pads for 13 different components: one through- hole Dip14 and twelve surface-mount components. Each item is individually bagged and tagged for easy identification. Kits consist of PLCCs, SOICs, TSSOPs, SOTs, Passives, and QFPs with 0.5mm and 0.65mm pitch. This low cost kit is ideal for classroom training and practice. IPC-A-610 compliant.


PC003 Solder Practice Board Kit
Part Number Quantity Per Kit
PCB with ImAg Finish 1
QFP208-28mm-.5mm-2.6mm 1
QFP44-10mm-.8mm-3.2mm 1
QFP100-14x20mm-3.2mm 1
PLCC44 1
SO8GT-3.8mm 1
SO20GT-7.6mm 1
SOT23 3
SOT143 2
TSSOP20-4.4mm 2
0603SMR 6
0805SMR 3
1206SMR 6
DIP14T 1
Kit Order Number: PC003

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