PC015 Rework Kit - 2 Populated PCBAs & Parts

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PC015 Rework Kit - 2 Populated PCBAs & Parts More Details

The PC015 Rework Kit is ideal for rework training or to evaluate current rework procedures. This kit contains 2 fully-populated tin/lead soldered boards, and enough components to repopulate the boards after the removal of components.

This kit conforms to the IPC 7711 and 7721 standards for reworking. It contains a wide range of components from Through-Hole to Chip Scale. Each kit is conveniently boxed with all components individually bagged and labeled for easy identification. Forget looking for scrap boards to train on!

In stock and ready to ship, this kit is perfect for classroom settings.


PC015 Rework Kit Assembled
Part Number Quantity Per Kit
PCB015 HASL-Assembled 2
LQFP64-14mm-.8mm-2.0 2
LQFP32-7mm-.8mm-2.0 2
SOT23 6
0603SMC 6
0805SMC 6
1206SMR 6
SOD80-Melf 6
SO14GT-3.8mm 4
1/4-W-AR 6
CK05 6
CK05 Spacer 6
DIP14 3
TO5 3
TO18 6
TO5/18 Spacer 9
Kit Order Number: PC015-0-01-RWK-HASL


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